a multimedia solution








The construction is in fact the bearing. This podium is designed to allow different shapes:


Thanks to such solution lectern becomes a visually comprehensive product, which fulfills expectations of the most demanding customers.

step 1
front design

select the front shape



Modern lectern - Awarts
Modern lectern - Awarts

step 2
set of equipment

choose a set


In this step choose one of 3 predefined sets. 


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED Flex Lamp 
  • Mediabox EASY System
  • Power cable
  • Standard finish

COMFORT Set has basic equipment necessary for proper operating. In this set you will find:

  • one condenser gooseneck 18″  (or 12″) microphone
  • one LED lamp (gooseneck) with one on/off button,
  • power cable and standard finish.
  • Mediabox System – EASY version:

on desktop: XLR mic (thru in), XLR lamp,

middle: AC230 type E (e.g. for own laptop)

bottom: AC 230 IEC (power) , XLR mic (thru out)


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED Flex Lamp II (+dimmer)
  • Mediabox FULL System
  • Power cable
  • Standard finish
  • Lectern ON/OFF button
  • Height adjustment
  • Touch System – adjustment and lamp steering

PREMIUM Set has got some additional features:

  • automatic height adjustment together with our touch buttons systems and on/off button to save battery if lectern is not used.
  • LED lamp is no longer switched with a local button but there are touch buttons on desktop as well. This lamp is equipped with dimmer function.
  • Starting from PREMIUM – you can adjust the lectern without ANY cables – thanks to the internal battery inside.
  • Mediabox FULL version:

on desktop: XLR mic, XLR lamp, HDMI (thru in)

middle: AC230 type E (e.g. for own laptop)

bottom: AC 230 IEC (power & charging) , XLR mic (thru out), HDMI (thru out)


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED Flex Lamp II
  • Mediabox FULL System
  • Power cable
  • Standard finish
  • Lectern ON/OFF button
  • Height adjustment
  • Touch System
  • 15 or 17″ touch screen unit on desktop

If you would like to have all functionalities of MODERN lectern – you should definitely pick an EXECUTIVE Set. This one has all Premium set and more:

  • a touchscreen on desktop unit. You can choose 15 or 17″ size (if this set is chosen, please remember to add a mini PC computer accessory for proper operation of this touchscreen). You can find one in Accessories below or use your own – any mini PC (our lecterns are Intel NUC mini PC ready to mount).
  • Mediabox is additionally equipped with a second USB connection for easy files upload into a mini PC for desktop screen.

step 3
color and finish

additional accessories and color

choose color and finish

ral palette


Support elements are made of constructional steel, powder coated. Desktop made of corian (staron or kerrock) milled MDF, laminated or finished with wood pattern.

RAL palette shown above contains a selection of the most popular (standard) colors in our offer. You can choose any color from the RAL palette, but check if it is available.

Presented colors and materials may display differently  – depending on the device. Always verify if the chosen color/finish is the one you desire.


& storage

Consider our products that will allow easy movement, safe transportation or storage.


Transportation & storage box, FLIGHTCASE type*. Safe transportation in vertical** or horizontal position.

Detachable trolley

An easy movement thanks to detachable, magnetic trolley “A”.

Soft cover

A soft cover made of special waterproof fabric with internal lining.


additional accessories and finish

If you did not find a set that will fulfill your needs, you can choose a set with minimum functionalities and add accessories according to your specific needs:


3D logo

Colorful logo 3D, sticked to front

Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-30 o 12.15.47

2D logo

Colorful logo 2D, sticked to front

Zrzut ekranu 2019-11-1 o 14.36.06


Power types, additional connections

Zrzut ekranu 2019-11-1 o 15.04.58


Multimedia unit with touch screen on desktop (excl computer)

Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-30 o 12.20.19

A mini PC unit

for a touchscreen on desktop [lecterns are Intel NUC miniPC ready]

mikrofon - 1 easylect

18" microphone

Shure* MX400 Series
or Sennheiser gooseneck microphone - lenght 18"

mikrofon - 1 easylect

12" microphone

Shure* MX400 Series
or Sennheiser gooseneck microphone - lenght 12"

Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-30 o 18.53.03

Wireless mic.

Wireless microphone set


Veneer finish

Front and desktop optional finish: wood (veneer) 



Front and desktop optional
finish: metallic, individual
or high gloss paint 

*) Always choose this option if you want your product to be safely delivered to your location

**) Vertical position is recommended as the safe one. There is a possibility to travel in horizontal position (front down) but you have to be sure that front and sides are well protected. 


All our projects are protected by patents or trademarks.



Dimensions of Modern lectern


and technical specification

  • height
  • width
  • depth
  • desktop (tilt) angle
  • weight **


*   Comfort set only (no adjustment)
** approximate data

how to buy

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