a non-contact dispenser for disinfection of hands

Patent App: P.434229

a touchless hand disinfection device

touchless hand sanitizer by Awarts


100% protection against spreading the virus on hands, with no need to touch

With our SafeGuard™ – touchless hand sanitizer (disinfection device) you can protect your customers, clients, students, patients, children and yourself.

Use it everywhere – in stores, hospitals, apartments, hotels, child-care spots, kindergartens, schools, train stations, public service offices, etc.

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Hands are one of the main virus carriers

It is not enough to wash our hands regularly. A NON-TOUCH disifectant dispenser is the most effective solution for protection – as it doesn’t require manual dosing. Hand disinfection is a very important part of keeping a hygiene.


10 liters capacity for disinfection liquid

All our standing hand disinfection devices have a big tank for disinfection fluid, that makes SafeGuard™- a touchless hand sanitizer really useful. Having a number of customization options – it is easy to adjust this product to customer needs.



made especially for teenagers

This option of touchless sanitizer is shorter than Standard version, therefore it is perfect for the safety of teenagers and bigger children.

Together with a big tank (10 liters) it is a perfect solution for schools or even universities.


it is a perfect solution for children

Use our SafeGuard disinfection fluid dispenser in kindergartens, child-care, or schools

This – the shortest version of our SafeGuard is dedicated for children. Due to its size the sprayer is much lower than in other disinfection machines, so SafeGuard KIDS is safe when used by small users.



handy touchless solution to put on desk (or hang on wall)

This model of our non-touch hand disinfectant dispenser is equipped with 5 liters container for disinfection liquid.

You can simply put your touchless hand sanitizer on the table.

safe guard



hand disinfection device

  • liquid container: 10 liters
  • height: 123 cm
  • width x depth: 26 x 27 cm
  • niche for hands: 30 cm
  • weight: ca. 22 kg
  • footing: 47 x 33 cm


hand disinfection device

  • liquid container: 10 liters
  • height: 124 cm
  • width x depth: 28 x 29 cm
  • niche for hands: 30 cm
  • weight: ca. 21,5 kg


hand disinfection device

  • liquid container: 10 liters
  • height: 113 cm
  • width x depth: 26 x 27 cm
  • niche for hands: 30 cm
  • weight: ca. 21,5 kg
  • footing: 47 x 33 cm


hand disinfection device

  • liquid container: 10 liters
  • height: 87 cm
  • width x depth: 26 x 27 cm
  • niche for hands: 23 cm
  • weight: ca. 17 kg
  • footing: 47 x 33 cm


hand disinfection device

  • lLiquid container: 5 liters
  • height: 67 cm
  • width x depth: 26 x 25 cm
  • niche for hands: 27 cm
  • weight: ca. 12 kg
  • wall assembly

safe guard

non-contact disinfectant free standing dispenser

Technical info

specification & adjustment

  • 4 standard colors: white, grey, graphite, black
  • other colors from RAL palette available
  • made of powder painted steel
  • liquid container capacity (standing) – 10 l (liquid not included)
  • liquid container capacity (wall) – 5 l (liquid not included)
  • possibility to place own graphics (plotter films) 
  • AC power cable
  • optional – battery power option
  • optional – wheels for movement (model MOVE)
  • 12 months warranty
  • spare parts availability
  • manufactured in Poland
  • Patent app (P.434229)

colors and finish

define your colors

choose color and finish

ral palette

RAL palette shown in a first row contains our standard colors.
*) You can choose any color from the RAL palette as an option, but check if it is available. Metallic colors as RAL 9006 (silver) and 9007 (dark silver) are optional.
Presented colors and materials may display differently  – depending on the device. Always verify if the chosen color/finish is the one you desire.


of use of our touchless hand sanitizer - safeguard

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