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purchase Conditions

to be accepted if purchasing Awarts products

By ordering our products you agree to the conditions below:

  1. There are some additional devices shown on our visualizations. They are only for decoration. Accessories such as laptops, external computers, smartphones and chairs are not included. Please check if screens shown on visualizations are included in chosen set. Each equipment set is always specified. If a certain accessory is not stated in the list – it shall be not attached to the product.
  2. Awarts is the Manufacturer of the ordered Product, the production is carried out on order and in accordance with the design presented. A customer is specifying the technical requirements, specification and color of the Product.
  3. Payment for the purchased Product will be made on the basis of a proforma invoice issued by the Manufacturer, payable to the Manufacturer’s bank account indicated on the invoice.
  4. Because our products are custom made – if you decide to resign (withdraw) after order is made – you accept a charge in amount of 60% of your order.
  5. Production time: 40 working (business) days starting from the day following receipt of funds on the Manufacturer’s account AND all necessary decisions regarding equipment and finish provided.
  6. The time of transportation is not included in the delivery deadline.
  7. The method of delivery and receipt of Products will be determined each time when placing the order.
  8. The cost of delivery depends on the number of ordered pieces and type of Products, as well as the delivery address. It will be each time confirmed by the Manufacturer before issuing a proforma invoice.
  9. If you decide to choose veneer as finish you agree that this is a hand work craftmanship and some imperfections may occur here, which the buyer hereby agrees to. Buyer also acknowledges that the veneer may vary in color and agrees to such situation.
  10. There is a possibility to pick up the Product from the location of Manufacturer.

11.   Days which are treated as non-business during the term of the lead time and will not be included in the time of the  contract:


During 2020:

     1-6 January 2020; 14-17 April 2020; 27-30 April 2020;

     1-3 May 2020; 8-12 June 2020; 10-15 August 2020;

     1 November 2020; 9-11 November 2020; 22-31 December 2020


During 2021:

     1-6 January 2021; 14-17 April 2021; 27-30 April 2021;

     1-3 May 2021; 8-12 June 2021; 10-14 August 2021;

     1 November 2021; 9-11 November 2021; 22-31 December 2021


No deliveries are provided during those days. All Saturdays and Sundays are also “non business” days.


W1. All Products have 24 month warranty, starting from the day of the final invoice issue. This date will be also stated on warranty card that is attached to product. Electronic devices and devices installed in the products are covered by the guarantees of their producers.

W2. If the Product is purchased via Distributor, owner shall contact the Distributor in all matters.

W3. In order to provide a “warranty repair” purchased product must be sent back to Awart’s location at the owner’s expense.

W4. If a flaw proves to be justified – a repaired product will be sent back to the owner within 21 days in general. However, if the fault is due to improper use, repair of the product will be chargeable.

W5. The repair process may last longer, owner will be informed as soon as the producer will have this knowledge. If the repair process will last longer than 21 days and owner will obtain such information – this situation does not give rise to any additional claims.

W6. The Producer will inform the owner whether repaired product is ready to be picked up.


R1. We declare we are exclusively authorized to protect the trademarks of our company and products.

R2. We reserve the right to publish photographs of our finished products as well as products manufactured by Awarts shown in media.