AWARTS was established in 2006 in Warsaw, where it is still headquartered today. Although, we initially specialized in indoor and outdoor signage of the highest quality (A and A+ commercial areas), we began producing customized lecterns. Created for very demanding customers at the same time we showed the recipients the highest quality of workmanship, design and customer’s image importance. Among our clients were the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, the Military Medical Institute, the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, and the Mazovia Regional Council.

Subsequently, we produced many lecterns and presidential multimedia tables (press conference tables) for ministerial offices, banks, mayors, embassies, hotels and conference centers.

We are constantly developing our products, so we can offer the best lecterns in the world. Top-quality materials, original design and the combination of our designers’ imagination and construction expertise have created unique products – exclusive multimedia lecterns, press conference tables and other multimedia solutions that are both comfortable and functional.

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For almost 20 years, we have been producing multimedia lecterns that reach users around the world. Among our customers are universities, corporations, hotels, conference centers, but also many government institutions – including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland, ministries, the Senate, the Parliament, municipal offices, etc.

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"A trustworthy company with top-quality products."

Fantastic design and top quality products make Awarts one of the world’s best multimedia lecterns, press conference tables and room tables. Their new “dab-T” – an interactive table with a touchscreen, is a new functionality that is now even essential in reception areas.

T H O M A S C O O P E R, 2019


You can find these world’s best MULTIMEDIA TALKERS WITH CONTROLS AND TOUCH SCREENS in almost all branches of the market.

Government institutions, hotels, convention centers, corporations, education, banks, logistics companies, etc.

Video conferencing tables

Our multimedia devices, such as the VIDEOCONFERENCE TABLE or MULTIMEDIA COLUMN, are a real “must have” in business areas, especially if there are short or working meetings, especially if the presence of someone from another office (e.g., who is in an office abroad) is required.


PRESIDENTIAL TABLES (PRESS CONFERENCE TABLES) have been our products since the very beginning of our production. They are stable and very elegant. They can be equipped with connection trays, lights, microphones and even screens on top. The one in the picture is over 500 cm long!

Awarts has extensive experience in manufacturing multimedia products made of steel and mineral materials such as corian, staron and kerrock.


Before we got into multimedia lecterns and other AV market solutions, we were one of the leading companies producing outdoor and indoor signage – based on the best quality materials, working for top clients such as:


Sanofi-Aventis, SEGRO logistics parks, Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Bigram, DELL, Warsaw East Railway Station, Institute of Cardiology, Johnson Electric, ORCO, Zlota 44, TV Puls, P+R Okecie, Rzeszow District Court, PGE National Stadium, Skandia, SGGW, TVP, WFDiF, Hellmann, Lodz airport, Aquarius Hotel, Arte Hotel, Rainbow Mill Hotel, Sunny Mill Hotel, Millenium Bank, Warsaw University and many others.