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Please read some frequently asked questions and answers, we hope it will help you to get your answer.

what are awarts products made of ?

We make our products of very durable materials. The construction is made of powder painted steel, therefore the product is really stable and durable.

External layers can be made of mineral/acrylic materials such as corian, staron or kerrock. Sometimes we use spray painted  mdf or plywood if necessary.

are awarts products durable ?

Our products are very durable thanks to materials that we use such as steel or corian. 

There are lecterns made of plastic or plexiglass but these products are to last a year. They are very easy to scratch and brake quickly.

There is NO POSSIBILITY that our lecterns, tables or columns break (in normal use)

what are the warranty conditions ?

Please read carefully our warranty conditions. You can find them in HERE [link]


Yes, please read carefully this part. Click HERE [link] or go to CONDITIONS tab.

What does it mean that Awarts products are multimedia products ?

We equip our products with connections and all needed devices, so as a result you don’t need to add anything to use our products. 

However if you want to use for example screens you need to plug your product to AC power.

are lecterns made of plexi?

No. ALL our products are based on steel that is powder painted. We don’t use plexiglass even as finish. We use more durable materials such as corian, staron or kerrock. 

can i choose different equipment than shown in your offer ?

There are some possibilities to adjust your product. Please see product page or ask us directly.

Can i pick ordered product myself ?

Yes, there is a possibility to pick ordered product from Awarts location however you need to contact us first.

If you wish to get an answer to another not so frequently asked question – feel free to contact us.




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