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touchless hand sanitizer

Perfect solution and the safest product for hand disinfection.

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huddle column


If you would like to provide a professional video conference without a necessity to meet in person but you don’t have space for a full table – check out one of the most beautiful products of Awarts.

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huddle table

videoconference room

A multimedia solution for a remote meeting. If you don’t want to or can’t meet in person, use freely this fully equipped AV product of Awarts.

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Multimedia podiums equipped with microphones, lamps, screens on front, touchscreens on desktop and height adjustment. Our lecterns are made of steel, corianders and other materials. Fully customizable.

Among hundreds of our clients by now you can find almost every market type customers.
Conference centers, hotels, corporates, government, education, banks, logistics, automotive, etc.

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interactive touch table

Use it in reception area or in the office. Wherever you need to entertain your client.

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press conference


Press conference tables are a beautifully designed. Solid products made of powder painted steel that will surely fit every – big and smaller conference space.

Click below to find out more about the design, functionalities and finish you can achieve.

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A choice of adjustable media boxes. Different colors, good quality materials, personalization.

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Folding conference tables.

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