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Unusual shape – this lectern is designed to implement multiple functionalities and the largest screen in front – up to 32 “.

Lectern Vestiga

The stability of the structure, as well as the elegance of the shapes add class and prestige to any lecture. Adjusting the desktop allows you to put it in the most comfortable position. There are also useful recesses on the desktop where you can place a glass, phone or other small items.

vestiga lectern - all sides view

Antica lectern

The support column-based design allows the front to be mounted in one of three different shapes. With this solution, the rostrum becomes a visually comprehensive product that meets the expectations of the most demanding people.

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Lectern Modern

Most importantly, the support column-based design provides great stability to the lectern. Modern design and functionality (e.g. sockets under the desktop) provide great convenience and support for the speaker.

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Empora lectern

Not only is the design unique, but also the materials used to finish it. Empora rostrums are a perfect addition to classic and modern interiors. The built-in design allows for the placement of many additional devices as needed.

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