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Extraordinary shape – this lectern is designed above all in the manner that allows maximum functionalities implementation and the biggest screen on front – even 32″.

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Stability of the construction, as well as elegance of the shapes add class and prestige to each lecture. Adjusted tilt angle of the desk allows for setting your notes in the most comfortable position. On the other hand each desk has useful round cavities, where you can put glass, bottle with water or other small objects.

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The construction based on the bearing post allows for the assembly of front desk in three different shapes. Thanks to such solution lectern becomes a visually comprehensive product, which fulfills expectations of persons on wheelchair.

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a podium for disabled person


Most importantly – the construction based on the bearing post makes this podium really stable. The looks is really contemporary on the other hand. User can find some really handy features in this model, for example connections placed right below the desktop.

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Not only the design is unique, but also materials used for its finishing. Empora lectern is a great addition to both – classic and modern interiors. Closed construction allowes to install many additional devices if necessary.

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