AWARTS Multimedia Speakers - Renaissance

elegant lectern, maximum functionality

Renaissance lectern

multimedia solutions, adjustments and accessories


around the Renaissance lectern


automatic, smooth height adjustment: 200mm

choose touch adjustment system and adjust your lectern to preferred height.

Dashboard tilt

automatic, smooth adjustment of the desktop tilt

simply use touch buttons installed into a Renaissance lectern, so you can adjust your rostrum to perfect position.

We based the design on a supporting column, thanks to that we allow you to place one of the available front shapes: PIERO or LEDA. Thanks to this solution, the selected lectern becomes a customized product and a complement to your conference space.

screen on the front

32″, 24′ or at least 19″

Multimedia solution for this hi-end AV product, such as a screen on front of a Renaissance lectern







In this step, choose one of the sets prepared for Renaissance lectern.


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED light
  • Mediabox EASY System
  • Power cord
  • Standard finish

The KOMFORT set has basic equipment. In this set you will find:

  • Gooseneck microphone with a length of 18″ (or 12″). Microphone requires phantom power (not included)
  • LED gooseneck light with on/off switch,
  • Power cord and standard finish.
  • Mediabox System – EASY version:

On the desktop: XLR mic (loop through in), XLR tube, Under desktop: 230V type E (e.g., connect your own laptop) Lower: 230V IEC (power supply) , XLR mic (pass out)


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED lamp II (+ dimmer)
  • Mediabox FULL System
  • Power cord
  • Standard finish
  • ON/OFF (sleep) button
  • Height adjustment
  • Touch button system – light and height

The PREMIUM kit has several additional features:

  • Automatic height adjustment with a set of touch-sensitive controls and a lectern switch-off for battery savings when the lectern is not in use.
  • The LED light is no longer just on and off. In addition, it has an option to adjust the power of the light and a touch set on the control panel for control.
  • Starting with the PREMIUM set – you can adjust your lectern CONTROLLED – thanks to a battery that sustains the adjustment functionality.
  • Mediabox, FULL version:

On the desktop: XLR mic (pass in), XLR tube, HDMI (pass in) Under the desktop: 230V type E (e.g., laptop connection) Lower: 230V IEC (power and charge) , XLR mic (pass out), HDMI (pass out)


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED lamp II (+ dimmer)
  • Mediabox FULL System
  • Power cord
  • Standard finish
  • ON/OFF (sleep) button
  • Height adjustment
  • Touch button system
  • Infinitely adjustable dashboard tilt

PREMIUM+ kit is all the equipment from Premium plus:

  • Infinitely adjustable dashboard tilt with a set of touch-sensitive buttons


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED lamp II (+ dimmer)
  • Mediabox FULL System
  • Power cord
  • Standard finish
  • ON/OFF (sleep) button
  • Height adjustment
  • Touch button system
  • Infinitely adjustable dashboard tilt
  • Screen on the front 17″, 24″ or 32″

Choose the EXECUTIVE set if you need all the functionality described up to this point AND

  • One of the available screens on the front. This functionality also takes into account a computer (micro PC) with an operating system installed inside the rostrum and appropriate slots for easy uploading of files.
  • Screens:
    • 17″ horizontal 5:4
    • 23″ vertical 16:9
    • 32″ vertical 16:9


  • Gooseneck microphone
  • LED lamp II (+ dimmer)
  • Mediabox FULL System
  • Power cord
  • Standard finish
  • ON/OFF (sleep) button
  • Height adjustment
  • Touch button system
  • Infinitely adjustable dashboard tilt
  • Screen on the front 17″, 24″ or 32″
  • Set with 15 “touchscreen on desktop

If you need all the available functionalities of the VESTIGA lectern – you should definitely choose the EXECUTIVE+ set. It includes everything that is in the Executive kit AND

  • Desktop touchscreen set. Basic parameters of the Intel NUC i3-8109U mini PC management unit:
    • RAM 4GB
    • SSD 120GB
    • NO operating system.
  • If you need other parameters – please contact us.
  • The Mediabox is additionally equipped with a second USB slot for easy uploading of files to the desktop.


additional finishing elements, including colour of the Renaissance lectern

Choose your colour and finish according to your needs

RAL palette

Standard rostrum colors: 9003; 7004; 7016.


The standard finish of the lectern is really matte.

Supporting elements are made of structural steel, powder-coated. Desktop made of corian (staron or kerrock) milled MDF, laminated or finished with wood pattern.

The RAL palette shown above includes a selection of the most popular colors in our range. You can choose any color from the RAL palette, but check for availability.

The veneer pattern shown above is an example. When deciding on a veneer, choose the right one and let us know. We will check if it is available.

The colors and materials presented may display differently – depending on the device. Always check that the color/finish you choose is the one you want



Check out the accessories for transportation and storage.

Case "flightcase"

Transportation & Storage

Safe transport in a transport box (flightcase) in both – vertical or horizontal position**


Detachable wheels

Easy to move with detachable magnetic wheels.

Soft cover


Soft cover made of special waterproof quilted fabric with an inner protective layer.

Soft cover made of special waterproof quilted fabric with an inner protective layer.


additional accessories and finishing

If you did not find a set that will fulfill your needs, you can choose a set with minimal functionalities and add accessories according to your specific needs:

3D logo

Colorful 3D logo, permanently attached

2D logo

colorful 2D logo, permanently attached


Additional connections


Screen on the front

Multimedia set with a 17″ screen on the front



Multimedia kit with touchscreen on the desktop

Mini PC Kit

to the desktop screen [mównice przygotowane są do montażu komputerów Intel NUC miniPC]


18″ microphone

Shure* MX400 Series
or Sennheisergooseneck microphone – lenght 18″

12″ microphone

Shure* MX400 Series
or Sennheisergooseneck microphone – lenght 12″

Wireless mic.

Wireless microphone set


Veneer finish

Front and desktop optional finish: wood (veneer)



Front and desktop optional
finish: metallic, individual
or high gloss paint

*) Always choose this option if you want your product to be safely delivered to your location **) Vertical position is recommended as the safe one. There is a possibility to travel in horizontal position (front down) but you have to be sure that front and sides are well protected. All our projects are protected by patents or trademarks.




dimensions of a lectern

and technical specifications

  • height
  • width
  • depth
  • tilt of the desktop (angle)
  • weight **

* Comfort set only (without adjustments). ** approximate data



how to buy a lectern

Contact us and check the QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS tab and TERMS and CONDITIONS for purchasing our lecterns and conference solutions. We will be happy to answer your questions and prepare a quotation.

03-107 Warszawa, Polska
ul. N.Gąsiorowskiej 12b
(+48 22) 425 91 06
(+48) 601 060 472

To sum up – Renaissance lectern,

but also other multimedia lecterns produced by our company are, above all, durable solutions based on a well-thought-out, refined design. When creating our products, we use durable materials, which makes the lecterns not only beautiful, but also functional.
The external cladding of the lecterns is usually made of mineral-acrylic material such as Corian (Kerrock, Staron), which is durable and strong, but also antiseptic.
The structure of the lectern is made of powder-coated steel in a selected RAL color, which ensures stability and resistance to destruction.
Each, even the most basic, version is equipped with a microphone and an LED light on the gooseneck – so it is a ready-to-use product.
In more advanced versions, we can place a screen on the front up to 32 inches in the lecterns
A lectern with adjustable height and angle of inclination of the desktop is our solution that helps the user conduct a conference comfortably.

Patent solutions as accessories enable easy movement of the lectern without the need to permanently mount wheels.


If you are interested in our products, we offer various models of lecterns depending on your needs:


  • firstly Antica – a solution based on a column with a flat front in a selected shape. On the front it is possible to place a flat, spatial logo or a screen up to 17 inches. The Antica lectern is a compact solution and a functional design.
  • as a second Vestiga – the rounded front gives this lectern spaciousness and elegance. It is very often used by government institutions.
  • as third Renaissance – it can have all available functionalities, even a 32-inch screen on the front. One of the most popular adjustable lecterns.
  • fourth Empora – a very solid structure, a modern and at the same time appearance that does not break with tradition, fits beautifully in both modern and traditional conference rooms.
  • fifth Modern – interesting design combined with functionality provide the speaker with great support.

We have an extensive experience in designing lecterns and tables for press conferences. press conference tables.
In summary – Please contact us. More information here: link youtube

Some very interesting information regarding movable, multimedia lecterns and press conference tables you can also find on our social media page: link


However, taking into account the summary of the topic of multimedia lecterns, the Renaissance lectern is irreplaceable in the long run. As you can see, from the moment of purchase, the user can focus on the goal in order to conduct the lecture without worrying about its result.