We are pleased to inform you that we ship our products all over the world – including, of course, the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen and Iran.

If you are interested in purchasing our products and you are located in one of the above countries – please contact us directy. You will receive professional service and a good offer. More about AWARTS products:


The rostrums produced by our company are primarily durable solutions based on a thoughtful, refined design. When creating our products, we rely on resistant materials, so the rostrums are not only pretty, but also functional.

The outer lining of the lecterns is usually made of mineral-acrylic material of the corian type (kerrock, staron), which is durable and strong, but also antiseptic.

The structure of the lectern is made of steel powder-coated in the RAL color of your choice, which gives stability and resistance to damage.

Each, even the most basic version, comes with a microphone and LED gooseneck light – so it’s a ready-to-use product.

In the more advanced versions, we can put a screen on the front of the lecterns up to 32 inches.

A rostrum with adjustable height and angle of the lectern is our solution to help the user conduct a conference in comfort.

Patented solutions as an accessory allows the lectern to be easily moved without the need for fixed casters.

If you are interested in our products, we offer you various models of lecterns depending on your needs:

Antica – a solution based on a column with a flat front in the shape of your choice. On the front, it is possible to place a flat, space or screen logo up to 17 inches. The Antica rostrum is a compact solution and functional design.

Vestiga – The rounded front gives this rostrum spaciousness and elegance. It is very often used by government facilities

Renaissance – can have all available functionality even a 32-inch screen on the front. One of the more popular adjustable lecterns.

Empora – very solid construction, modern yet not breaking with tradition, beautifully blends in the rooms of both modern and traditional conference rooms.

Modern – interesting design with simultaneous functionality give the speaker great support.

We have extensive experience in designing lecterns and press conference tables.

Feel free to contact us.