A steel press conference table – AWARTS

A steel press conference table – made by AWARTS

We would like to introduce a beautiful steel press conference table. We made it for Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

This product accompanied the lectern that was prepared a couple of years ago.

Just click this link to see our products during the presentation. A table is equipped with Arthur Holm motorised foldable/rotary screens (as this one – click)

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Our products are, above all, durable solutions based on a well-thought-out, refined design. When creating our products, we rely on resistant materials. Thanks to that our podiums and steel press conference tables are not only nice, but also functional.

The outer cladding of lecterns is usually made of a mineral-acrylic material of the corian type (kerrock, staron). It is durable and resistant, but also ANTISEPTIC.

The structure of the podium is made of powder coated steel in the selected RAL color. That solution provides stability and resistance to damage.

Each, even the most basic version has a gooseneck microphone and an LED lamp – also on the gooseneck – so it is a ready-to-use product.

In the lecterns, we can place the screen on the front up to 32 inches *.

Lectern with adjustable height and angle of inclination of the desktop – our solution helps the user to comfortably conduct a conference.

Patent solutions as accessories enable easy relocation of the lectern without the necessity to install the wheels permanently.


If you are interested in our products, we offer various models of lecterns and tables depending on your needs:

• Antica – a solution based on a column with a flat front in a selected shape. On the front, we can place a logo in the form of a flat, spatial or screen up to 17 inches. The Antica lectern can be height-adjusted up to 30 cm downwards, thanks to which seated people can use it comfortably. This type of lectern is a compact solution and a functional design.

• Vestiga – the oval front makes this rostrum spacious and elegant. It is very often used by government facilities. The rounded shape of the front, the ergonomic desktop and optimal equipment are a real support for the speaker.

• Renaissance – it can have all the available functionalities, even a 32-inch screen on the front. One of the most frequently chosen adjustable lectern.

• Empora – a very solid structure, modern and, at the same time, a look that does not break with tradition, fits beautifully in both modern and traditional conference rooms.

• Modern – interesting design with simultaneous functionality give the speaker a lot of support.

*) check availability of options

We have extensive experience in designing lecterns and tables for press conferences.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


A steel press conference table – AWARTS
A table for Wroclaw University of Science and Technology