hand disinfection for children

Hand disinfection for children. SafeGuard KIDS.

SafeGuard KIDS by AWARTS is the best solution for small users. Thanks to its height, children are not exposed to the liquid getting into their eyes while spraying.

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SAFE GUARD – Hand Sanitizer

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SafeGuard KIDS

The SafeGuard non-contact hand sanitizer by Awarts is the best solution on the market. Why? Let’s start with the fact that it has:

– stable, steel construction.

– a steel, heavy foot, so it is stable

– resistant and durable powder varnish

– and there is also an option to choose any color from the RAL palette

– large – 10 liter disinfectant tank as well as

– convenient button for filling the installation and

– regulation of the amount of disinfecting liquid administered

– backlight informing about the device status

– fluid level sensor *

– various sizes – STANDARD for adults, TEEN for teenagers, KIDS for children

– and also – a desktop / hanging version (tank up to 5 liters!)

– hand disinfection for children is an important aspect in today’s world. Our KIDS model is low – which will provide additional protection against liquid entering the small holes.

– the TEEN model is a version for older children – for schools. The tank is still large (10 liters), but the height of the disinfection device is adjusted for shorter people. Thanks to this, teenagers and primary school students will be able to comfortably use our SafeGuard disinfector.

– the STANDARD model is a solution ideally suited for offices, public spaces, hotels, etc. Here is a large – 10 liter tank to be used for a long time without the need to constantly refill the liquid.

– WALL model – is a desktop version with the option of hanging on the wall. It has a large – 5 liter disinfectant tank.

– ease of use

– moreover, the possibility of wireless use – soon you will be able to use our machines both wired and wireless.

And so:

If you are interested in our SafeGuard non-contact hand (hand) disinfection device – please contact us. Directly or contact one of our representatives around the world.

We provide the necessary amounts of disinfectors. We produce to order, but we also have stock levels. There is also an option of personalization – e.g. placing a logo on the machine or painting it with patterns.

As for delivery, we will deliver our products “to your door”.

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