Awarts NEC Competence Days 2018

We are pleased to announce that AWARTS was present at the NEC Competence Days show. Guests could sit at our video conferencing table – the Huddle Room Table, which was equipped with a computer and screen. A full multimedia solution – very useful and great looking!

The host, on the other hand, used our Vestiga lectern, equipped with two screens – on the front and a touchscreen on the desktop, automatic tilt adjustment of height and the desktop.

Awarts NEC Competence Days 2018

Multimedia lecterns produced by our company are, above all, durable solutions based on a well-thought-out, refined design. When creating our products, we use durable materials, which makes the lecterns not only beautiful, but also functional.

The external cladding of the lecterns is usually made of mineral-acrylic material such as Corian (Kerrock, Staron), which is durable and strong, but also antiseptic.

The structure of the lectern is made of powder-coated steel in a selected RAL color, which ensures stability and resistance to destruction.

Each, even the most basic, version is equipped with a microphone and an LED light on the gooseneck – so it is a ready-to-use product.

In more advanced versions, we can place a screen on the front up to 32 inches in the lecterns.

A lectern with adjustable height and angle of inclination of the desktop is our solution that helps the user conduct a conference comfortably.

Patent solutions as accessories enable easy movement of the lectern without the need to permanently mount wheels.

If you are interested in our products, we offer various models of lecterns depending on your needs:

Antica – a solution based on a column with a flat front in a selected shape. On the front it is possible to place a flat, spatial logo or a screen up to 17 inches. The Antica lectern is a compact solution and a functional design.

Vestiga – the rounded front gives this lectern spaciousness and elegance. It is very often used by government institutions

Renaissance – it can have all available functionalities, even a 32-inch screen on the front. One of the most popular adjustable lecterns.

Empora – a very solid structure, a modern and at the same time appearance that does not break with tradition, fits beautifully in both modern and traditional conference rooms.

Modern – interesting design combined with functionality provide the speaker with great support.

We have extensive experience in designing lecterns and tables for press conferences.

In summary – Please contact us. More information here: link